George Kondo

(uto Ltd. / )



2005年 中国雲南省にてダム作りに参加。大学卒業後、空間デザインを専門学校で基礎を学ぶ。東京で自転車便の経験を経て2009年 アメリカ大陸を自転車で横断。母と飲食店を経営ののち2010年 - 2013年 H.P.France 勤務。LUMINE新宿での販売員の後、rooms,roomsLINK,PR01 TRADE SHOW等の合同展示会のレイアウトやブースのデザイン、ディレクションを担当。

2013年にuto Ltd.を設立。2015年より武蔵野市を拠点に富山県南砺と東京武蔵野市を結ぶプロジェクト等をプロデュースしている。



Born 1985 in Tokyo. Graduate of Seikei University.

Involved with corporate events, CM production, and the fashion industry as a student. 2005, took part in dam building in China's Yunnan province. After graduation, studied the basics of space design at a technical college. After working as a bike messenger in Tokyo, traveled across North America by bicycle in 2009. After managing a restaurant with his mother, worked at H.P. France from 2010 to 2013. Worked as staff at LUMINE Shinjuku, after which he was put in charge of booth design and direction for joint exhibitions like rooms, rooms LINK, PR01, and TRADE SHOW.

Founded uto LTD. in 2013. Based in Musashino City since 2015, has been producing a project that links Tokyo's Musashino with Nanto in Toyama Prefecture.

Produces and directs various people, things, and events through ideas and creative outlooks mainly around the time and space born between people.

From 2016, Start shooting the photo good feeling space and humans.